Our current product highlights...

The new Colori CERAMICS colour marking
enables an optimal hygiene, prevents residues
under the markings and the fading of the colours!

The PEN form of the handle enables the
instrument to be guided relaxed yet firmly which
gives much pleasure during use.

The ultralight, ergonomic and matted hollow
enables a fatigue-proof and glare-free
The nano-crystalline surface structure is 
high hardness and very resistant to damages.

The series of Wash-Tray Hexagon are
specially developed Trays for use in the
thermal disinfection. The bionic design based on
a honeycomb provides stability and
enables virtually
one-hundred percent rinse
residue-free preparation
in the thermal disinfector.

 Innovative handle technology:
 10mm diameter - a 25% increase in volume
 compared to conventional hollow handle

 Osteotomes for shaping the implant site:
 - Bone splitting
 - Bone pusher
 - Bone spreader + bone condenser



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