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Art.: OLS-1501

Clear Aligner Hole-Punch 6mm round

Plier for punching out half-moon recesses in the area of brackets or bonded buttons. Also for removing protruding plastic edges to avoid damage to the soft tissue.
Art.: OLS-1502

Clear Aligner Punch drop shape

Plier to add a drop shaped notch at the gingival margin. The drop shape enables the secure attachment of elastics - even for the patient.
Art.: OLS-1505

Clear Aligner Horizontal Plier

Special plier for creating horizontal recesses for individual root torque. Also allows to improve the retention of aligners or retainers.
Art.: OLS-1506

Clear Aligner Vertical Plier

Special pliers for over-correction of a rotation. Furthermore the vertical plier can eliminate in-and-out discrepancies.
Art.: OLS-1510

Clear Aligner 1,5mm Point elevation plier

Special plier for creating punctiform elevations in the aligner. Allows a selective activation, which increases the pressure on the individual teeth.
Art.: OLS-1520

Clear Aligner Reverse Plier

Special plier for inverting elevations in the aligner.
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